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Other Condemnation-related procedures focus on appeals, final certificate, and compelling acquisition and inverse condemnation. The Court held that the T-4 Permit granted to Denbury by the Commission, standing alone, did not conclusively establish Denbury’s status as a common carrier and confer the power of eminent domain.

Eminent domain is a private property rights issue, set by statute in state law by the Texas Legislature. Authorities can condemn properties through eminent domain to seize property from their owners. Condemnation is the process a government or private entity uses to legally acquire property. However, owners can fight for the compensation they believe is just by hiring their own attorney and appraisers. With the right approach, you could walk away with a truly fair amount of money in exchange for the property you didn’t plan to part with. Our team can assist with all types of condemnation & eminent domain cases. If you’d like to speak with one of our attorneys about a case, please fill out this form.


For example, if a utility such as gas, water, electricity or sewer is shut off, the rest of the building may be safe but the service needs to be restored. Additionally, if a furnace has failed in the middle of summer, it needs to be corrected, but isn’t leaving a tenant without heat. The City is providing notice that this needs to be corrected right away but is willing to afford a few days to see these items corrected without need to displace or disrupt occupants. If you rent or lease a commercial tenant space, such as a restaurant or office storefront, your business will need to be closed until repairs are made to remediate the cause for condemnation. Depending on the severity of the building conditions, repairs could be made quickly such as temporary shoring, restoring utilities, or replacing a malfunctioning piece of equipment like a bad furnace.

On Wednesday, Wray warned that if China were to invade Taiwan, U.S. companies could see a repeat, on a much larger scale, of the economic disarray from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting international condemnation. The executions were the first death penalties carried out in Myanmar since 1988, sending shock waves through the country and sparking widespread international condemnation. For something catastrophic like a fire or tornado, community service agencies such as the Red Cross may step up to assist you with relocation. If condemnation has been applied for something not so obvious, you are encouraged to reach out to family and friends first to find a place to stay while repairs are made. You are also encouraged to talk with your landlord and see if there’s another unit they can relocate you to while repairs are made. If you rent or lease a residential dwelling unit, you will need to relocate temporarily until repairs can be made to abate the cause of the condemnation. For something more catastrophic like a fire or tornado, community service agencies such as the Red Cross may step up to assist you with relocation.

Origin of condemnation

But eminent domain is not the only reason a government can pursue condemnation. In some states, governments may also initiate condemnation proceedings when a property becomes extremely dilapidated, dangerous, or out of character with the community around it.

The process can be temporary until the conditions are addressed and improved. In other cases, they may be permanent, which means owners risk losing their properties under eminent domain. This happens when the government takes ownership or transfers ownership to a third party, followed by demolition and reconstruction. If you feel that a government authority has negatively impacted the usage of your land, then consider getting in touch with a real estate attorney to explore your options.


An official website of the United States government, Department of Justice. The Board of Condemnation is comprised of the Director of Health, the Building Inspector, and the Fire Marshal of the Town. The Committee of Ministers will also consider holding a 4th Summit of Heads of State and Government. The act of judicially condemning, or adjudging guilty, unfit for use, or forfeited; the act of dooming to punishment or forfeiture. The violence has drawn firm condemnation from all the main political leaders.

  • For example, a pipeline transporting crude oil could be a common carrier, and, as such, would have the right of eminent domain.
  • The city government has decided to widen the road in front of your shop.
  • A structure can also be condemned for acquisition under the legal doctrine of eminent domain.
  • If they don’t agree, the property owner can challenge the commissioner’s ruling.
  • Nation/World NASA on Thursday issued a rare condemnation of the Russian space agency, its main partner on the International Space Station, after its cosmonauts celebrated Russia’s capture of a region of eastern Ukraine.

As the appeal proceeds in the court, the condemnor will have the right to access the property and move forward with their project. Dilapidated or unsafe buildings are often subject to condemnation to prevent harm to occupants or neighboring structures. Local, state, and federal housing codes and safety standards may apply to any given building, and if the condition of the building violates these then the property may be subject to condemnation.

Unlawful Structure

A government (federal, state, or local/municipal) has the legal right to condemn a property under U.S. law. This power can also be delegated by these governments to various agencies or to private parties to act on the government’s behalf. A public utility, for instance, is often delegated the ability to condemn a property in order to build out public infrastructure. Inverse, or reverse condemnation occurs when a government takes over a property via eminent domain but then fails to fairly compensate the property owner. Here, the property owner must invoke inverse condemnation to sue the government to either return the property or become fairly compensated for its possession. Funds have been subject to eminent domain, and some legal scholars argue that governments could even seize intellectual property through condemnation.

What is another name for condemnation?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for condemnation, like: disapprobation, reproach, conviction, disapproval, censure, rebuke, ban, execration, judgment, reprobation and freeing.

Condemnation comes from the verb condemn, « to strongly disapprove. » You might criticize something that you still think is worthwhile, but if you express condemnation, that’s laying a heavy moral blame. Condemnation is used in law, and means the same thing as sentencing; you might have heard a judge say “I condemn you to ten years of hard labor.” Also, a very dangerous building will be sealed up and deemed uninhabitable by an act of condemnation.

Condemnation Sentence Examples

The following questions and answers provide, as a public service, basic, general information about pipeline companies in Texas and their powers of eminent domain. This information is not legal advice and has no legal force or effect.

  • Generally, the Railroad Commission has no authority over the routing or siting of intrastate or interstate pipelines.
  • The process by which a public entity exercises its powers of eminent domain.
  • Whether the acquisition of property is by negotiation or condemnation, preacquisition activities are similar.
  • The inverse condemnation process is usually pursued as a lawsuit brought by property owners against a public or private interest that has damaged the property and reduced its market value.
  • Generally, in a condemnation proceeding, the court must decide whether the taking is legal and appropriate compensation.
  • Persons with specific legal questions or who may be dealing with pipelines regarding eminent domain and condemnation issues may need to retain an attorney.

In most cases, the real estate attorney will encourage you to have a private appraisal of your property performed. When a structure or equipment is found by the code official to be unsafe, and/or unfit for human occupancy, and/or unlawful, such structure shall be condemned pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Statewide Building Code. Common carriers are not the only pipelines required to have a T-4 Permit. Common carriers, gas utilities and private lines must have a T-4 Permit, with two exceptions. Pipelines that never leave an oil or gas production lease and distribution lines that are part of a natural gas or LP-gas distribution system are not required to have a T-4 Permit. The process by which a public entity exercises its powers of eminent domain. If an old building has been found to be dangerous—for instance, it is at risk of collapsing—it can be condemned by local authorities as it poses a threat to the public.

Understanding Condemnation

If an immediate threat is not present, but the condition is serious, a period of time to correct the condition may be given. If the violation is not corrected at the end of this time you will be required to vacate the unit. An unlawful structure is one found in whole or in part to be occupied by more persons than permitted or is a use that has not been approved. If this structure is supposed to be a single-family dwelling and is a duplex, it can be condemned.


Condemnation in real estate is a legal proceeding most frequently used when a government entity, or private agency with eminent domain authority, seeks to gain ownership of privately owned property. Condemnation in real estate occurs when a government seeks to take property from a private owner, either through eminent domain or some other governmental function. Generally, in a condemnation proceeding, the court must decide whether the taking is legal and appropriate compensation. Powerline and pipeline projects are also good examples that involve condemnation.

What Is Condemnation?

Persons with specific legal questions or who may be dealing with pipelines regarding eminent domain and condemnation issues may need to retain an attorney. Railroad Commission staff are prohibited from providing legal advice, representation or interpretation of laws to private individuals.

You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. If your little brother does something unspeakably awful, express your https://turbo-tax.org/ so he will learn not to do it again. Early modern accounts reflect both condemnation and praise, as individual reactions to sati were conditioned by personal experience. Now, of course many crimes are moral wrongs, and punishment expresses condemnation. Other evils, especially those fashioned by human hands, demand our condemnation, unyielding opposition, and vigorous efforts at prevention and reparation. If a person cannot properly be blamed for what she has done, then this fact makes condemnation inappropriate.