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It comes with IFTTT integration which lets the app connect to other services and products making automation a breeze. One of the most highlighted features of Daybridge is its Travel help that keeps track of your itinerary and sleep routine. It provides customization options like a light and dark theme, background color, and images of your choice.

Cozi is an excellent option if you are searching for a family calendar app for busy families– No matter which plan you choose. Timepage is a beautiful calendar app from the house of Moleskine, the global brand known for its notebooks & planners. Timepage takes an interesting approach to calendaring with its design and UI. You see the whole week at a glance and scroll to see what’s next into the future. The design is gorgeous, and the calendars can be customized with authentic Moleskine themed colors.

All of these features ensure that Cozi is a very different choice from Google Calendar, even if you can integrate Google Calendar right into the app. The biggest downside of Apple Calendar as it stands today is its lack of natural language support and that hasn’t been absolved with macOS Monterey. The iOS experience is cleaner than its desktop counterpart but still ensures that adding events is clunkier than natural language competitors like Fantastical.

It helps you get more done with an intelligent task-manager and organizer. You can organize all your tasks, assign due dates and calendars will remind you about them. It supports many social media calendar integrations to make sure you keep track of your social life along with your professional life. Calendar fits the need for a functional calendar app for workspace scenarios and is free to use.

Plan Schedule Accomplish

For example, if you’re looking to maintain an ultra-organized schedule, Cozi is the way to go. Mobile month view – Gives you the option of a monthly view instead of the standard weekly view. If you’re a list maker like I am, you’ll be excited to hear that Cozi has a whole section dedicated to list-making.

  • Creating events couldn’t be any easier with the “+” button for adding a quick event.
  • Mail and Calendar app is also free to use and you can get it from the Microsoft Store.
  • If this is something that matters to you, choose a service like Fantastical that acts more as a Google Calendar overlay while still offering its own functionality.
  • One of the most highlighted features of Daybridge is its Travel help that keeps track of your itinerary and sleep routine.
  • The calendar also allows you to schedule meetings and create events.

Mail and Calendar app is also free to use and you can get it from the Microsoft Store. Fantastical is our pick for the best calendar app for iPhone and iPad, for Mac, and yes, even for Apple Watch. The only calendar app I need, offering more power and flexibility than any alternative from Apple or the App Store. Its refreshed look is aesthetically appealing, and the strong privacy policy is a big plus.

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That’s true for Zoom, Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, Skype, Google Meet and more. The ideal Nextcloud setup actually involves you running the software on your own server, giving you full data control at all times. It’s easy to get started with that, and the calendar itself has a nice, clean design. As with other calendar apps, Vantage too integrates To-Dos in the app. You also get to color-code your events and add cool stickers if that’s your thing.

Zoho has many other apps as well, including document editing, cloud storage, notes, and more, and they’re all worth checking into if you’re looking to ditch Google. If you have a very busy family with several schedules to manage, Cozi may be the answer. Another benefit of using Cozi is its ability to share a grocery list with everyone in your family. One of my biggest meal planning tips is to have a personalized “recipe bank” like this to pull from when you’re planning your meals. Reminders may be set to trigger at the time of an event, 5 minutes before, or all the way up to 2 weeks before. One calendar brings all your calendars from Google Calendar, Outlook Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, and many other services to one place.

What is the easiest free Calendar app

With busy work schedules and school activities, family calendars are the best way to keep everyone in sync about upcoming plans. Vantage Calendar is easily the boldest and dynamic calendar app on this list. It features a unique scrolling UI that will immediately remind you of the Star Wars opening crawl. Unfortunately, WeekCalendar requires an ongoing recurring subscription of $20/year to take advantage of many of its features.

The basic plan is free for up to five users, while Standard and Pro users can add more team members starting at $6 per user per month. If you want to connect multiple calendars, you will need the Pro plan, a feature most of the competitive options on this list don’t charge for. Inside the add event screen you can add a title, memo, notifications, color code, family, friends or colleagues, etc. Open the “Advanced” screen, and your options grow with a place to add to-do lists, location data, URL for meeting invites and notes.

Organizing Calls And Meetings

Your account’s password is stored securely on your device using the Keychain and never leaves your device. Even if Google offers its own sort of to-do list, it’s not nearly as cohesive as Cozi. Most of the feature set is free, but a “Gold” program costs $29.99 per year, removes ads, and includes a shopping mode, birthday trackers and a calendar search function. Step away from the calendar for a minute and jump into to-do lists and create a list of things to take on an upcoming vacation. No problem there, as nobody needs to rely on paper lists anymore.

What is the easiest free Calendar app

Create chore lists, personalized to-do lists, or browse through Cozi’s pre-made list library for more ideas. To-do lists can be shareable too, but you also have the option of creating private ones for yourself. An expanded calendar in the Notification center can disrupt the layout of your desktop, workspace, and the flow https://globalcloudteam.com/ of your work. It takes up too much room on the Notification Centre and effectively clutters it. The only method to get the calendar out of your way when monitoring your alerts is to minimize it. This contributes to the creation of a clean and tidy Notification Centre, one that focuses on pertinent notifications only.

Best Calendar Apps For Google

For example, you can quickly add a new event in seconds by creating a daily, weekly, or monthly recurring schedule. Plus, Cozi comes preloaded with “Cozi To-Dos”, which are household tasks you can keep track of and manage through the app. Earlier this year, Fantastical moved to a subscription model that was met with backlash from its users. The developers introduced a single recurring subscription of $4.99 per month or $40 per year that enables access to some nifty Premium features across all the platforms.

You can also take it one step further and set a reminder before an event.

What is the easiest free Calendar app

Fantastical is known for its gorgeous user interface, a delightful user experience, and its Natural Language Parsing capabilities. It supports multiple viewing modes and manages appointments across all different calendars. Daybridge is quite new for this list as it is still in its beta testing phase. However, this does not mean it lacks any feature that you could find in its other rivals. You can join the waiting list by trying this amazing Daybridge calendar app.


It also supports To-Dos and Personal Goals to keep you motivated and on track. Google Calendar is the official calendar app offered by Google for iPhone and iPad devices. It features the familiar design language that you typically see in other Google apps on iOS. The app has a long list of interesting features that make it a damn good calendar app for iOS. Fantastical integrates a detailed 10-day weather forecast directly into all calendar views, with further details on demand.

Calendars is the most elegant and easy to use calendar app available for iOS. Part of Readdle’s incredible lineup of productivity apps, Calendars is by far the best calendar app for iPhone and iPad. We hope you found this list of the Best Calendar Apps for Windows 11 PC helpful. Let us know if you have any suggestions of your own calendar apps.

If you’re hunting for a Google Calendar replacement, you may not be thrilled about jumping directly into the arms of Microsoft. Outlook Calendar is, however, a very solid free Google Calendar alternative. There are hundreds of Calendar apps available on the App Store today, many of which are built with the bare minimum set of features. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best calendar apps that you can download and install on your iOS device to plan your day and schedule your events better. Each of these apps featured above have one or the other unique trait about them, so we urge you to take them all for a spin. With this app, families can create and manage a shared family calendar on their phones and computers.

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It allows you to analyze your personal and work life to see how much time is spent doing what. Additionally, you can check groups and other people’s schedules, and much more. It also supports cloud integration along with major email platforms. You can directly add a Google Calendar’s event with your Drive. Fantastical is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. Simply enter your event or reminder in any of those languages and Fantastical will automatically understand.

Interestingly, it can also work without any internet connection. However, the functionality cuts down to viewing and managing appointments only. This open-source calendar project is made to be used with Mailbird. If you are an existing Mailbird user, you would certainly love it.

It’s easy to share plans, set up reminders, and even create shopping or to-do lists. The calendar is really important not only to know which day/date it is today but also, to mark important dates, to plan schedules, & to remember the birthdays of your loved ones. As technology developed, the calendar evolved too from a paper calendar to a digital one residing in create a calendar app all electronic devices. Listed below are a few recommendations for the best Calendar apps for Windows 11 that could enhance your date-keeping experience. So, we have also provided a perfect guide to hide Calendar in Windows 11 notification center. Zoho isn’t exactly a household name, but its large suite of products has stayed current enough to be competitive.

Easily Add And Join

They don’t suffer from as much feature loss as some other calendar apps seem to. If you’re looking for the best calendar app for families, the Cozi Calendar app is a great choice if you have to manage multiple busy schedules. This isn’t your standard calendar app; it’s specifically designed for families with lots of different schedules and activities.

A shopping list is automatically shared with each family member. We’ve highlighted the apps’ pricing and their Pros & Cons upfront, so it’ll be easier for you to find the best calendar app for iOS. An awesome tool to use google spreadsheets for making events in google calendar. One of the best aspects of Any.do is its useful widgets on both Android and iOS.

Access to your calendar and to-do lists are right there so that you can quickly see upcoming items, tasks, etc. Launching the app takes you right into the calendar view above where you can see your day, week or month. Each view can be changed with a single mouse click, and a new appointment with the “+” button can be changed as easily. Zoho regularly updates with bug fixes, and the apps offer a similar feature set as the website. You’ll have to register a Zoho email address to use them, though. The free web-based version is fairly sleek and easy to use, with a few clunky navigation exceptions.

A minimized Calendar frees up a lot of room in the notifications center for other alerts. Although, if we want to view it normally simply, click the upward arrowhead in the top-right corner of the Calendar tile to restore the minimized calendar. It can be used to manage work schedules, time and assignments, etc. It has got everything you may expect from a basic calendar app.